Organization and funding

Organization of FE2019

Chairs: Frederik Van De Putte (Ghent & Bayreuth) and Federico Faroldi (Ghent & Frankfurt)

Local Organizing committee: Thijs De Coninck (Ghent), Federico Faroldi (Ghent & Frankfurt), Stef Frijters (Ghent), Bert Leuridan (Antwerp), Joke Meheus (Ghent), Julie Mennes (Ghent), Frederik Van De Putte (Ghent & Bayreuth), Nathan Wood (Ghent)

Programme Committee: Constanze Binder (Rotterdam), Matthew Braham (Hamburg), Jan Broersen (Utrecht), Hein Duijf (Utrecht), Federico Faroldi (Ghent), Conrad Heilmann (Rotterdam), Dominik Klein (Bayreuth and Bamberg), Paul McNamara (New Hampshire), Oliver Roy (Bayreuth), Alessandra Marra (Bayreuth), Joke Meheus (Ghent), Gillman Payette (Vancouver), Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund), Justin Snedegar (St. Andrews), Katie Steele (Canberra), Allard Tamminga (Groningen and Utrecht), Johanna Thoma (LSE), Martin van Hees (Amsterdam), and Frederik Van De Putte (Ghent and Bayreuth).

Scientific Committee: Albert Anglberger (Bayreuth), Constanze Binder (Rotterdam), Stefaan Cuypers (Leuven), Karen François (Brussels), Conrad Heilmann (Rotterdam), Paul McNamara (New Hampshire), Joke Meheus (Ghent), Veerle Provoost (Ghent), Oliver Roy (Bayreuth),  Peter Verdée (Louvain-La-Neuve), Erik Weber (Ghent)

Steering Committee of the Formal Ethics Conference Series: Albert Anglberger (Bayreuth), Constanze Binder (Rotterdam), Conrad Heilmann (Rotterdam), Paul McNamara (New Hampshire), Oliver Roy (Bayreuth)


This edition of Formal Ethics is sponsored by the following funding agencies:

  • The European Research Council (ERC), through the Marie Curie project DYCODE
  • The Flemish Research Foundation (FWO-Vlaanderen)
  • The Special Research Fund of Ghent University (BOF UGent)